Digital consultant

I started out as a website designer, designing and building websites. Followed by focusing on building accessible web page templates for content management systems. Then getting into the migration of content on enterprise content management systems. Since then, I’ve enjoyed developing content editor guides and providing editor training.

Content editor training

I have delivered over 150 hours of content editor training on a few different content management systems, including Episerver and SharePoint. When delivering training face to face, I prefer to give hands-on training sessions, so that trainees can learn from experience.

Quality assurance and system/browser testing

I wrote over 400 test scripts for one enterprise collection of microsites, based on the technical specification. I’ve also tested over 300 web page templates on a selection of web browsers and devices.

Technical website specifications

I’ve written technical specifications for two enterprise sites – one intranet, and one collection of hundreds of microsites. Both were based on Episerver CMS.

Content migration

I’ve lead a number of projects to migrate content, predominantly on Episerver CMS. Including over 20,000 web pages, 500 websites, 1 intranet and 400 web forms.

Web page template building

I’ve built over 300 accessible web page templates for either content managed websites or web applications. In some cases, the templates also acted as wireframes and additional quality control for the developers.

Website design

I started out as a web designer, and have designed over 40 websites, two intranets and one extranet. Including hospitality, public sector, charity, business services, health care, industrial, transportation, retail and financial services.